The smart way to track your catalog

SoundLog automatically keeps track of your catalog's performance and provides tailored metrics to help you make informed creative and business decisions.

SoundLog's dashboard

Centralize your catalog

All of your placements in one place. SoundLog’s catalog management system provides a clear overview of every song you’ve written, sold, or licensed. If you have multiple clients on your roster, it’ll seamlessly organize all of this information for each and every one of them.

SoundLog's track interface

Inform your decisions with data

Use Spotify popularity and audio feature metrics to make informed decisions about your catalog. Leverage your catalog’s performance to negotiate more favorable contract terms and use audio analysis to uncover similarities between your most popular songs. Now your sound can speak for itself.

SoundLog's track interface

Unlock your catalog's intelligence

Built for Teams and Individuals

Whether you're independent or manage a huge roster, we're ready to scale to your needs.

Popularity Metrics

Your tracks' popularities are updated daily from Spotify so you never miss your big hit.

Audio Analysis

Understand the success behind your sound. Explore track audio features to see what's working for you.

Document Storage

Never lose a file again. Store documents with their relevant tracks and clients.

The music industry changes fast

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