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60,000 songs are released on Spotify every day. SoundLog surfaces the insights you need to help your music stand out.


Understand the audio analytics behind your artists’ favorite songs, so you can deliver the exact sound they want.


65% of Shawn Mendes' top 60 songs are written between the keys of A and D - discover insights like this so you can spot the next trend a mile away.


42% of songs on RapCaviar are between 120 and 139 BPM - see the audio analytics behind a playlist to increase your chances of landing a track on it.


40% of the 100 most popular songs of all time on Spotify are between 3:18 and 3:45 long - uncover insights like this to help your tracks perform better.


Music is subjective and can be hard to describe in terms that we all understand. SoundLog adds context to your process so you always know what to deliver.


Quickly generate reports for your Spotify playlists to curate the best songs for your next set.


Understand what your audience wants to hear.



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