Actionable analytics for the entire music industry.

We think it’s time for musicians to have resources they need to make informed decisions about their music and careers.

Historically, there has been resistance to data in the music industry. Many think that the more we care about what “the numbers” say, the more we encourage formulaic, uninspired music.

We agree in the sense that no one wants all music to sound the same, but there’s a difference between formulaic and informed music. Formulaic music sounds like it all comes from the same robot. Informed music sounds like a musician knows what works best for themselves, their audience, and where they want to go. And it’s supported by data.

Our first step is SoundLog: a platform that seamlessly hosts catalogs and provides actionable metrics that anyone can use to inform their creative process.

Whether you’re an artist looking to understand why some of your songs perform better than others, a songwriter looking to pitch songs that your favorite artist will love, or even a label that wants to understand why today’s top hits are so popular, SoundLog has what you need.

We want to shape a music industry in which musicians and their teams don’t just rely on their talent and hope for the best. An industry where everyone in it has everything they need to increase their chances of success. Here, the playing field is even, talent is properly equipped, everyone wins, and the music only gets better.

Are you with us?

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